30 Day Challenge - Student RSS

Day 30

  DAY 30: Have an attitude of gratitude! Be in the moment & think about what you’re thankful for. You can do it! Keep it up! Set your #BFD alarm! #DIMING

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Day 29

  DAY 29: Mind your business! Stay in your lane & focus on your business only. Comparing is not helpful. Remember: joy is your only job. #DOYOU #DIMING

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Day 28

  DAY 28: What does fear look like? Eyes down, rounded shoulders. Instead, look up! Pull back your shoulders & meet the day head on. Be confident! #DIMING

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Day 27

  DAY 27: Who makes those rules? YOU DO. You have the power to decide how you’re going to feel in any situation. Use your energy to take control. #DIMING

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Day 26

  DAY 26: Get up & go to bed feeling proud. Show yourself the same love you give to friends & family. Add deeds to your day that will make you feel proud. #DIMING

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