BE A DIME Coaching 
Certificate Program

Be A Dime Coaching Certificate Program

NEW!! Opportunity! In this new time, lots of things are moving to online and digital. Energy management coaching is so powerful and easily done online. I want to get this information to as many people as possible and give people who are passionate about the material an opportunity to share it with their own clientele- creating Dimes everywhere!!! 

Go through the tried and tested energy management program yourself. To be a solid teacher you must practice what you preach and experience the Be A Dime coaching from the receiver side of the journey. The best way to know you comprehend it is to try it in your own life and once the results come, you will be able to relate to your clients in a whole new way.  

Program includes:

3 months Be A Dime Personal Discovery Coaching with Jill
Once a week zoom one on one calls
30 day audio challenge
Micro learning videos
3 Months group coaching and mentorship
The next three months you will learn how to teach the material and apply it to all situations. We will practice coaching together and dive deeper into the material. 
Once a week zoom group calls
Once a month one on one check in
Forum to connect with other new coaches
Mentorship in coaching your first client

The Details

This 6 month program is $5,000 to enroll.
I am offering $1,000 gifted to you if you bring someone new to join you.
Your personal coaching starts September 15th!Lets do this.
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