Spiritual Athlete's Core Principals

Spiritual Athlete provides an opportunity to challenge yourself and push your limits. When you do this, you will start to hear your own inner dialogue and limiting beliefs. This is a gift. Embrace it. This inner dialogue is running your entire life. The stories we tell ourselves have to fulfill themselves. Your thoughts are creating your reality. But how can you change the stories if you don't know what is currently being broadcasted inside that head of yours all day?Throughout the workout you will hear that voice and then consciously be able to soothe yourself, inspire yourself, tell yourself a better story and watch how your experience changes. Feeling thatyou need to fix or change things about your body creates a divide between body and mind. Start to be on the same team as your body. Be your body's cheerleader. It's the only one you have and it has magical powers if you both start working together! Of all the things you can choose to think about, obsessing over society’s misrepresentation of the perfect body truly wastes the magic.

Something special happens when you begin to stop the limiting "I can't" beliefs. When your mind is telling you, “You suck and you can't finish it!” and then you do finish it, it's an empowering feeling like no other. You are creating self-worth from the inside out. You don't need your mom to tell you that you are neat, you feel neat are creating this feeling for yourself! With Spiritual Athlete, you will practice these methods and likely begin to feel a shift in your first class!


Here is how to practice the feeling in the workout setting. You work out or go to the gym because you want to feel something. What? Perhaps you think you will feel different or feel better. The central thing is to really define not only what the desired results are, but how you will feel when you get them. Practicing the feeling is the key. When you start the workout, be clear that you are intentionally working out to experience that feeling; healthy or strong or proud etc.

This will take the focus off losing 10 pounds or 5 inches, fixing your butt or abs, etc. And once you feel those desired feelings you won't care so much about the specific results anyway. However, you will love the exercises and are more likely to attract those specific results.

Here are the steps:

  1. Decide what you want, a fitness goal
  2. Figure out how you will feel
  3. Practice the feeling
  4. Act as if you already have it

A Real Life Example:

  1. Think about a goal you have in the area of fitness and your body. Really think about it and get one clear goal in mind.
  2. You will feel sexy, confident, healthy
  3. Feel what those feelings would actually feel like in your body
  4. Walk around like a sexy confident healthy thang.


The main key in Spiritual Athlete is joy! Through focusing on feelings and telling new stories, you will become light and easy and have more of a mindset to enjoy your body and the freedom to move.