Energy Management

Learn to be a 10!

On a scale of 1 to 10, how effective is your life? Are you happy, stressed, motivated, anxious, pumped, slumped? Start by considering how you’re really feeling from your toenails to your eyebrows. OK. Got a number?

Of course, you can imagine that 1 is a pretty miserable place to be -- it is lack of motivation, fatigue, sadness, frustration and all of the things that we generally wish to avoid. And 10 … well. 10 is the absolute peak. It is energy, spontaneity, joy, love, passion, drive and productivity mashed into a ball of awesomeness (you’re the ball, by the way).

What if we told you that you could be a 10 all. the. time? That’s what Jill Payne calls #diming -- her unique and undeniably effective brand of motivation and coaching to target body, focus and dialogue. Jill plucks individuals, teams and even corporations out of the low numbers and drives them to achieve and maintain optimal 10 states.

Be a Dime. 

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