Despite challenging and uncertain conditions, now is the time to invest in yourself and gain valuable tools to create opportunities for yourself in the future and feel good in the now. 

Adaptability is the key to thriving in this time and as always your energy is the biggest factor in how your days go. Learn how to manage your energy despite the outward conditions and constantly changing moving targets. Teach your whole being that it starts on the inside always! In this time we have learned that we can't control what happens on the outside. Storms will come. We can’t control the weather , but we can focus on our sailing skills. Then we learn to trust our tools and not the forecast. Learn to manage your energy in this 9 week intensive program.

What's Included

9 once a week zoom group coaching calls  (Recorded videos will be available)
Three 1:1 coaching sessions
Printable Be A Dime Workbook
Printable Be A Dime Journal 
30 day audio Be A Dime Energy Challenge
Micro Learning Videos with Jill to keep you on track during off days

The Details

September 21th to November 23rd, 2020 
$950 USD 
 Limited spaces available 



As an entrepreneur myself, I understand the struggles and pressure of running your own business. Join a community of like minded, innovative people and learn how to run your business and life as a TEN. I see so many entrepreneurs, who started their own thing so they would have freedom and end up a slave to their work - working all hours of the day with little to no capacity for anything more than work. Prioritize energy first and watch what happens to your business. Energy and joy attracts clients. Period! During this intensive training you will learn how to create capacity so you can be more productive, attract more clients, and start working ahead as opposed to always being in the thick of the weeds. Join me on this program designed specifically for entrepreneurs like you! 


Join a community of Moms who are all interested in managing their energy while doing the most exhausting and rewarding job in the world. We will take energy management principles and apply them to the reality of being a Mom. We all know that our energy affects our little ones but when you are sleep deprived, run down, trying to keep up with work, relationships, and your own health and wellness, we have to find new creative ways to sneak in energy management. When we are having fun, so are the people around us. Lots of new content, as I am a new Mom!


At this point, soooo many wonderful people have gone through the program with me that I want to bring together my badass clients and create an advanced training and community for all of you. I love you all and I want you to have a chance to be in a community with people who are also striving to stay on the high channel of energy and diming on a daily basis. In this 9 week group class, we will take things to the next level and go deeper into the concepts you have learned. You must have already completed my 3 month coaching program to be eligible to join the Badass Client Community! Get ready!! 

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