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Don't wait another second to start living the life you deserve. I can guide you through my mind-expanding, progressive curriculum. Thirteen exclusive, one-on-one sessions, using my unique four-stage training program, will provide YOU with the invaluable tools to take control of your life.

This innovative program includes hands-on training with Jill's impactful approach in 13 one-on-one walking sessions (or virtual/phone sessions), customized homework, a new stage-by-stage workbook, recorded meditations, guided high-intensity workouts, PLUS! direct access to Jill via email for personalized support throughout your journey.

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30 day Energy challenge

Continue the momentum after learning the powerful tools to create and cultivate physical energy and energetic capacity. For the next 30 days you will receive a quick audio clip exercise for your BODY, FOCUS, and DIALOGUE. Learn to be a f*cking dime on a daily basis. It takes practice and making it part of your daily life! #diming

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Intentional Movement

Want to increase your energy, improve your focus and relieve your stress? Look no further. Instead of exercising to lose weight, or to fix something about yourself, use exercise to feel healthy, strong, powerful, focused, more energetic, and proud. Once you begin to focus on the feeling you WANT to feel, you won't worry about the detailed results. Move with intent and feel a different way when you are finished. True Change can take as little as one minute a day!

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Corporate webinars are available. Customized to the needs of your company. Great if you are dealing with multi location staff or want to follow up to be sustainable and accessible!

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