Online Programs

30 Day Challenge: For the busy-bee who wants a trial run

Integrate change into your life without altering your daily routine.
  • One-minute audio clips from Jill to increase your energy
  • Written dialogue for on-the-go inspiration

30 Day Challenge

Intentional Movement Program: A reset button for your body and brain

Exercises specifically tailored to increase energy, improve focus, and relieve stress, delivered in an easy-to-follow video series and eBook with tips for success.
  • Three categories of workouts to reinvigorate you from the inside out
  • A total of nine effective workouts broken into one full length and two mini circuits.

Intentional Movement

Performance Coaching: When you decide it’s time to show up for yourself and the world

Learn the right tools to take control of your energy and achieve your goals in a way that’s manageable and effective.
  • One month of weekly or bi-weekly walking sessions with Jill
  • Customized homework and learning plan
  • 30 Day Energy Challenge
  • Intentional Movement video program
  • The Rest is Still Unwritten: writing and goal setting workbook

Performance Coaching