Are you someone who needs motivation? Inspiration? Energy? Love? Passion? Drive? You’re in the right place. Jill’s Energy Management program is designed to allow you to explore your life from every angle and arm you with the tools and strategies to live your life at a 10 and achieve everything you’ve dreamed of. Through workshops, intensive retreats and one-on-one programming, Jill can help you get to a 10 and stay there. Why wait? Start now!

Workshops Retreats Performance Coaching


Specializing in wellness-driven performance, Jill partners with Joshua Seldman of Executive Stamina to host holistic coaching experiences for Fortune 500 companies worldwide (PepsiCo, Republic Services, Core Logic, NBC, Panasonic, Boeing, JPL, Western Union, Sony). This high-energy team offers an innovative approach that optimizes individual energy and performance in all areas of life. Learn to live a life you love and improve performance on all levels.

Executive one-on-one

The Energized Leader is a customized, personal programming plan for top executives, helping leaders access their full potential and inspire the same from their teams.

Leadership team-building

It is essential to design and implement best practices that will help your organization achieve a culture of 10. This starts with the leaders of your organization.

Culture Audit

Energy audit of current culture through surveys and stakeholder engagement sessions. Audit results are then used to develop a strategic energy plan and programming to best suit the needs of your organization and desired corporate culture.

Companywide wellness programs



Other services such as mental health and sick leave support, and “train the trainer” programs designed to train your internal staff to lead corporate wellness programs internally.


Jill’s high-energy approach is sought after for engaging and inspiring all ages to achieve success. Through keynote addresses, customized workshops and coaching, Jill has motivated both students and educators to apply a new level of energy to every-day learning.

Whether to improve staff culture and rapport or engage administrators in effective leadership, schools welcome Jill to uniquely target her program to the academic environment.


High-performance athletes

Positive energy management will give you a tremendous boost in athletic performance rapidly through a unique practice, which couples highly specialized neuro-physical activation techniques with targeted visualization practices. Athletes will learn leading edge techniques to release the diaphragm and activate the body in order to release resistance and optimize performance, accessing the parasympathetic performance state. This practice is designed to be easily integrated into any training schedule to yield fantastic results by boosting team morale and communication, optimizing agility and strength and preventing injury.

School/club Teams

Coming from a lifetime in competitive sport, and a proven track record in coaching high-performance athletes and teams of all levels, Jill can create a customized plan to help your team reach its full potential.

Keynote Speaker

When you invite Jill Payne to speak to your group, you can expect results (and probably a little swearing). Developed from years of coaching energy management, Jill’s unique brand of high-intensity motivation will prompt an immediate culture shift among attendees. In this high-energy address, you will learn how to implement the concepts of individually taking yourself and/or your group to a 10.

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