Whether on the beaches of Costa Rica or Nova Scotia, or in bustling urban centres from New York to Vancouver, Jill Payne creates an air of excitement that follows her wherever she goes. Always up for an adventure, Jill takes her skills and passion on the road regularly to share her unique brand of energy management and motivation to companies, groups and individuals across the globe.

Retreats offer an intensive experience for energy management coaching, fitness training and deep self-reflection. Being completely immersed in an environment allows us to completely integrate with our surroundings and experience. Research continues to find more benefits to learning in an immersive environment, which are not only academic in nature, but cognitive, creative and social. Individuals who learn in such a manner gain more than just information, but are given skills to help them succeed for their rest of their lives.

2019 Dates

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Feb 2nd-8th
Feb 9th-15th

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