What is Energy Management?

Energy Management is an action based technique of learning to live at a 10 out of a 10. Being a DIME!! Energy and capacity are vital parts of creating our mood. My energy creates my mood , my mood creates my experience of life. We are all trying to control our emotions but they seem illusive. Energy management is a simple formula that you can learn and implement quickly to your life, it is a way to regulate your emotions and will allow you to experience life in an elevated emotional state on a regular basis. 

Imagine feeling joyful, inspired, creative, engaged, calm, powerful and connected throughout every day. The way we feel impacts how you show up in all areas; your work, your family life, your relationships, your finances, and your health. Instead of trying to control all those areas of your life, or waiting for things to line up to feel good, learn to feel good now and watch how those areas will shift to match your feelings. Learning to manage your energy is the single most important skill you can master. Creating the marker of success to be the joy you feel on the inside and not basing it on what is happening in your outside conditions. We know more now than ever before that we do not have control of what happens outside of us. The formula to manage your energy is always within your locus of control. You always decide what you do with your body, your focus and your dialogue.  
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