1 Month Virtual Performance Coaching

1 Month Virtual Performance Coaching

Imagine living at a 10 everyday. Imagine the energy you will have, the way you will attack your life when you are regularly feeling happy, creative, joyful, resourceful, certain, engaged, confident and driven.

Take your energy and life to the next level. Work one on one with Jill to learn to manage your energy, to live in a peak state where performance improves in ALL areas of YOUR life. Take the Spiritual Athlete principals and apply them to what is actually going on in YOUR life. This personalized coaching will show you how to disrupt the curve and create what you really WANT. 

Coaching includes

  • 1 month, 4 walking one on one sessions (weekly or biweekly)
  • personalized homework and learning plan
  • 30 Day Energy Challenge
  • Intentional Movement video program
  • The Rest is Still Unwritten, writing and goal setting workbook

Learn how having more fun will improve your performance. Learn to change your energy which will change how you feel and from that place you can achieve anything! A successful business, happy relationship, more finances, a thriving body . . .

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