Coaching Program - Full Payment

Coaching Program - Full Payment


Stage 1:

To You 

There are no problems - only the channel you're on when you're faced with a challenge. Don't be a victim! Rise up! Learn to manage and expand your energy through your body, focus and dialogue to be a freaking dime!

Stage 2:

By You 

Only you can create your own future. Be deliberate and pursue the life you've always wanted. You are the master of your own channel, so take your life into your own hands and chart your course for success.

Stage 3:

For You 

Now that you know exactly what you want from life and you're actively creating your own destiny, you can take the time to breathe and learn to trust that what matches you will be presented to you. Appreciate all that you've created and reap the innermost rewards! Remember, it's the feelings, not the material things, that you desire.

Stage 4:

With You 

You have achieved oneness and unity in all areas of your life. You are free of struggle and you can truly be who you are. Remember all of the steps you took to get to this important place.

This innovative program includes hands-on training with Jill's impactful approach in 13 one-on-one walking sessions (or virtual/phone sessions), customized homework, a new stage-by-stage workbook, recorded meditations, guided high-intensity workouts, PLUS! direct access to Jill via email for personalized support throughout your journey.

$5,000 = One Payment