Be a Dime - Group Coaching

Despite challenging and uncertain conditions, now is the time to invest in yourself and gain valuable tools to create opportunities for yourself in the future and feel good in the now. 

Adaptability is the key to thriving in this time and as always your energy is the biggest factor in how your days go. Learn how to manage your energy despite the outward conditions and constantly changing moving targets. Teach your whole being that it starts on the inside always! In this time we have learned that we can't control what happens on the outside. Storms will come. We can’t control the weather , but we can focus on our sailing skills. Then we learn to trust our tools and not the forecast. Learn to manage your energy in this 9 week intensive program.  



As an entrepreneur myself, I understand the struggles and pressure of running your own business. Join a community of like minded, innovative people and learn how to run your business and life as a TEN.


Join a community of Moms who are all interested in managing their energy while doing the most exhausting and rewarding job in the world.

10 Squared Community

At this point, soooo many wonderful people have gone through the program with me that I want to bring together my badass clients and create an advanced training and community for all of you.

Culture Initiative Implementation Program

Program Breakdown for one year.
Quarter 1
Keynote for all employees. Presenting Energy Management Principles.
60 day Energy Challenge- Daily Audio clips and text to reinforce princples from keynote, create habit. Each day a new trick or tip to quickly manage your energy.
Executive Dime Coaching program - Take some of your leadership team through the 3 month program to get more indepth into the process. Dime Champions become the bridge between me and the employees.
Quarter 2
Masterclass for all employees
includes Workbook for stage 1, journal for stage 1, Micro Learning videos and 4 live webinars. This will be supported by Dime Champions
Quarter 3
Masterclass for stage 2 for all employees
Weave it into HR practices; Hiring templates, Performance Reviews, Growth conversations and On- boarding packages.
Quarter 4
Continue to educate the HR team and the Dime Champions to ensure a smooth transition and that they have all they need to make it live in their company without Jill

Digital Health and Wellness Corporate Challenge

Start slow and beginning with a company wide Energy Management 30 day challenge. How this works? Employees will receive 5 micro learning videos for the first week. Each video is 5-12 mins and will explain the principles of energy management. From there the folliwng weeks they will receive an audio clip and text to reinforce the principles seen in the videos. Each day they will receive an email that prompts them to do a short 2-5 min activity to increase their energy which will help determine their mental state and attitude. 

This is great for large companies who are in many locations. Creates a sense of community and shared experience even if geographically spread out. Can include everyone, where a fitness challenge may exclude some individuals 

Energy Management

On a scale of 1 to 10, how effective is your life? Are you happy, stressed, motivated, anxious, pumped, slumped? Start by considering how you’re really feeling from your toenails to your eyebrows. OK. Got a number? 

 Of course, you can imagine that 1 is a pretty miserable place to be -- it is lack of motivation, fatigue, sadness, frustration and all of the things that we generally wish to avoid. And 10 … well. 10 is the absolute peak. It is energy, spontaneity, joy, love, passion, drive and productivity mashed into a ball of awesomeness (you’re the ball, by the way). 

 What if we told you that you could be a 10 all. the. time? That’s what Jill Payne calls #diming -- her unique and undeniably effective brand of motivation and coaching to target body, focus and dialogue. Jill plucks individuals, teams and even corporations out of the low numbers and drives them to achieve and maintain optimal 10 states. 

 Be a Dime.

Disrupting the Curve
Once you’ve mastered your energy management, the next level is to Disrupt the Curve. 

Once you’re a Dime, what’s the next level and how do you get there? Disrupting the Curve is Level 2 of Jill’s unique program and will allow you to turn your newfound energy management techniques into strategies to achieve your goals. 

Consider this: Theoretically, with artificial intelligence, we could make a machine that is just like you. We could put all of your thoughts, your talents, your beliefs, your education, your values all into a machine that would answer like you. If you continue to live your life in the same way and don’t make any big changes, that machine could predict the trajectory of your life. 

But you have dreams, goals and desires for yourself in one year, five years, 10 years and longer. 

That’s why change is necessary. To get the most of every minute of every day of every year of your life. You want to continue to grow, learn, develop and achieve more. Let Jill show you how to Disrupt the Curve.      
Jill Payne lives her life at a 10! An energy-positive, highly trained motivational speaker and celebrity trainer, Jill isn’t one to tread lightly when it comes to transformation.

Jill first brought her unique brand of energy management to the public as Spiritual Athlete, a program she created that focuses on cultivating joy and vitality through functional movement and intentional exercise. With a masters degree specializing in workplace wellness, she has continued to enrich and customize programs for companies internationally that want to motivate all levels of employees and management to be their best selves and subsequently improve productivity and morale. This culture shift starts with the individual and starts within. Jill’s core concept is to live life as a 10 out of 10. She motivates clients to discover what makes them feel creative, passionate, engaged and confident. 

As seen in Vogue, Glamour, Elle, and SELF Magazine, her highly sought-after programs go beyond physical fitness by initiating a total wellness revamp to enhance individuals’ overall potential. Jill has brought her expertise to companies and organizations worldwide, including PepsiCo, Republic Services, Core Logic, NBC, Panasonic, Boeing, JPL, Western Union and Sony, to reinvigorate productivity and enhance corporate culture. 

Jill trains our bodies and minds to unleash energy for optimal performance in all areas: creating impact at work, maintaining healthy relationships, eliminating anxiety and manifesting opportunities.  

“Jill’s workshops are inspiring, enlightening, community building, uplifting, and above all else…fun. We sing, we move, we sweat and we connect to ourselves in a whole new way. She’s able to shine a light on habits that are preventing people from being their best selves, in a caring, funny and very honest way. I always leave with a clear vision for what needs to shift in my life in order to be a Dime.”  – Tori Jarvis Grant

 I can endorse Jill without reservation: she is fun and energetic; her presentations are different from the ones I have experienced before--they are active, provocative (in a good way) and have the power to change habits on the spot. Her messaging is clear, simple and easy to remember. She is knowledgeable. When you meet Jill you feel an instant sense of joy and this comes through in her personal and professional conduct. What I like about Jill's approach is that it is a bit disruptive--she wants to wiggle us out of our complacency into what we can (and want to) become. Jill worked one on one with four of my teachers and they could not say enough about the impact her coaching had on their day to day experience. She presented to many of our students and they loved it--especially the grade 11s and 12s who asked: "why can't we have this every week?" – Jo-Anne Kingstone

Jill Payne, has facilitated two dynamic sessions at our company and we hope to have her back for more. Whatever your needs - a motivational speaker, help with employee engagement, or even some personal coaching - you won't be disappointed. Jill's energy is contagious and will leave you feeling inspired and full of positivity! She will show you how to use both body and spirit to better handle the everyday stresses life throws at you, and you will find yourself using the tools she teaches you long after the session is over. We certainly do. Reach out to Jill and learn how to #BeADime!  – Kelly Hamilton

"Jill really cares about her clients. She truly wants you to have peace love and energy in your mindset. She doesn’t just tell you what you want to hear, she gives you materials and concepts that really make you pause and think deeply. Allows you to recharge and reset your mind and the rest follows." – Sonya Fraser

“Jill was truly amazing! She helped me completely reengineer my entire approch to fitness and wellbeing. I can't thank her enough!”  – Cara Davidson

“Jill’s coaching program was life changing as it provided my great strategies to get clarity to overcome some of my personal challenges 💕.” – Tia Toner

“I first met Jill during one of her workshops. I went with a few friends and really did not know what to expect. By the end of the first hour, I realized that I had been approaching relationship and business issues from the wrong angle. Through out my time with Jill I have realized that I am not the victim any situation that is occurring in my life, rather I have the ability to control and change the course of the situation with through my body, focus and dialogue. Changing how I managed myself and my personal energy resulted in changes with my relationships and business that I had not anticipated. It is a continual process of growth and learning. I wanted to share my Jill experience with my staff as well, so I had her come into my office for her corporate coaching. Spend one hour with Jill and her energy and positivity is infectious! Whether you are looking for personal coaching or corporate coaching you will not be disappointed with the time that you spend with Jill." – Dr. Carolyn MacNutt

"Working with Jill for the last few months has been one of the most empowering things I have ever done. Jill’s course work and the things I’ve learned have allowed me to take control of my life and make some really amazing things happen. #BFD, all day every day." – Liz Cullen

"Working with Jill was a big positive for our team. She explained complex concepts in a way that was easy for the athletes to understand and apply immediately. Her energy is contagious and fun, the athletes were engaged in her presentation, and are activating each other before practices already. Her depth of knowledge and ability to understand the elite athletes was the perfect combination. We wish we could have her with us all season. Jill was knowledgeable, professional and showed all of us a new way to understand our bodies that can prevent injuries and help us reach our goals." – Sarah Vaillancourt -- Two-time Olympic gold medalist, Canada Women's Hockey & head coach Standstead College Women's Hockey 
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